Betting the Super Bowl

Posted by Sam on February 1, 2018

There are two thought processes for betting this game as an Eagles fan.

1. Would I pay $X for the Eagles to win the Super Bowl?

The easy answer is yes, I would. I could bet $1,000 on the Patriots moneyline (which would pay $526 profit if they won). If the Pats win, I win $526. And if they lose, obviously I lose $1,000, but the Eagles win the fucking SUPER BOWL.

2. Should I double down on my happiness and bet on the Eagles?

The other option is betting the Eagles and guaranteeing an ultimate high or an ultimate low. Eagles win AND I get $1,650 (Eagles ML pays +165) OR Eagles lose and I lose $1,000.

It almost doesn’t matter which bet I actually think is going to win.

I’m leaning towards betting the Eagles and just going all in for it. Why hedge my happiness? Philly fans are used to the ultimate heartbreak.

Plus, I actually think the Eagles will win.

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2 thoughts on “Betting the Super Bowl

  1. Double down on happiness. I put $150 on the eagles money line when it was +185 and $50 on Foles and $50 on Alshon to win MVP. Take the over on the 2:00 National Anthem.