Is Black Mirror worth watching?

Posted by Sam on January 25, 2018

Black Mirror comes highly recommended from Gourlay. He explained the first episode is about some prime minister banging a pig on TV, but that the other episodes are really good.

I read a little bit of the Wiki and it actually does seem interesting. Additionally, each episode being standalone and each season being only a few episodes makes it more appealing.

But it takes a lot for me to get into a series. I’ve started-then-not-finished more than I can count. So I’m asking before I even try to get started if this show is good.


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3 thoughts on “Is Black Mirror worth watching?

  1. Yea I agree that Gourlay guy is a genius and you should watch it.

    Also since each episode is unrelated you don’t really have to get into the series and finish it you fucking idiot.

  2. I’m definitely a fan of the show.

    Each episode is almost a mini-movie and each episode is pretty heavy hitting and makes you think so I can only take about an episode per sitting. It’s a great (and cheap) alternative to a movie.

    I would definitely recommend watching the first episode and seeing if you like the vibe. The first episode is a great one.

  3. Taking advice from someone who throws up with his pants around his ankles is certainly questionable.