No Phone Before Bed

Posted by Sam on January 18, 2018

I check my phone every night in bed:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Crypto prices
  • Sports scores
  • Grinder
  • Facebook

On bad nights this can take 20 minutes. I hate it. It speaks to the addictive nature of social media that both Tom and Luke have blogged about recently.

I have no reason to check other than being a slave to the phone. NOT ANYMORE. Rewiring the brain is the first step.

I wrote this post planning to poll people on how much time they spend on their phone before bed, but instead I’m just committing to NO phone before bed indefinitely.

Be BETTER than the apps.

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2 thoughts on “No Phone Before Bed

  1. I haven’t seen you on Grinder — what gives?

    Glassdoor had Arianna Huffington come speak to us about this exact issue. She’s written numerous books about how important sleep is and how it impacts our work. Haven’t read any of ’em. BUT, hearing her speak was super interesting.

    She recently launched a startup — Thrive Global — that focuses heavily on this topic among other things.

    • I like the idea of basically forcing people to sleep more so they’re more productive, but I don’t get how Thrive is actually going to make that happen. They need $120 million for “health and wellness education” and to become a “one-stop shop for wellness content”?

      I was expecting like… “Put this hat on and you physically can’t wake up for 8 hours. You have no choice, you have to sleep.” That’s a $120 million dollar idea.