HQ Trivia Sucks

HQ Trivia is all the rage these days and it fucking sucks. Here’s why:

The intros are AWFUL

Every intro is a way-too-long monologue filled with bullshit puns that are charming at first; But after a week you just start to hate them.

The questions are too hard

I know I know, “that’s the point of trivia“, but when compared to bar trivia where music and sports are emphasized, these suck.

There are too many players / the prize is too small

In the 1 in a million scenario that I actually do get all 12 right, splitting the $2,000 between 400 winners isn’t my idea of “fun”.

They’ve talked about increasing the prizes, but unless each winner is getting thousands, I have no interest.

The app lags

I’d say every single time I’ve played, the app has lagged significantly, sometimes resulting in missed questions.


It’s a good idea and the sheeple will play, but it actually sucks and I uninstalled the app yesterday.

Have fun you H-Cucks!