LASIK: One Year Later

Posted by Sam on January 10, 2018

Almost exactly a year ago I got LASIK. It cost me $2,600 and was one of the best decisions of my life.

My eyes were terrible, -7.0 and -8.0. I couldn’t function without glasses or contact.

Contacts sucked. My eyes irritated me enough to the point where I wore glasses to work most days because contacts weren’t worth the headache.

But I didn’t want to look like a nerd going out so I’d put my contacts in then. But I’d always get drunk and sleep with them in which was awful.

LASIK is such a no-brainer. Anyone who needs glasses / contacts in every day life should do this ASAP.

In 50 years every kid out of the womb will get LASIK on the spot since it’ll be cheap and obvious.

I have no scientific evidence to back that up, and in fact I’d guess that’s a terrible idea since the eyes probably aren’t developed yet.

Still, get LASIK.

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