2017 Goals – How’d I do?

Posted by Sam on January 1, 2018

13/30 on the year.

    • PR in the mile AND 5k – Never got a good shot at the 5k but yes to the mile! That will be a 2018 goal.
    • Visit three major-ish US cities that I’ve never been to – Not even close.
    • Go to a country I’ve never been to – Whoopsies!
    • Move out of my parents house – Take that mom and dad!
    • Get a cat once I move out – The only goal I completed twice!
    • Bowl a 300 (before Tom) – Both of us suck.
    • Attend a play – No but I seriously considered it.
    • Write 6 hand-written letters and mail them – More people should do this.
    • Write a 5 year letter to myself – Stupid goal.
    • Go to a dentist – No, but I’ve been flossing!
    • Formally volunteer my time at least once – Genuinely embarrassed that I didn’t do this or put any effort into coordinating.
    • Invest 25% of my money – Did 100% in Bitcoin.
    • Don’t significantly injury myself while blacked out – Fell down the stairs on NYE but no real damage.
    • Don’t get in a fist fight with anyone (considering making it the opposite) – I’m really good at resolving conflicts with words.
    • Watch Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons play together live – BOOM.
    • Watch three Sixers’ wins live – Easiest. Goal. Ever.
    • Get Molly Sullivan’s number – I think I blew my chance.
    • Watch Tom Brady win MVP and / or the Super Bowl this year – He might do it again this year.
    • Watch an American win gold in a distance event at the WCs – EMMA!
    • Watch an American Record in a distance event – AJEE!
    • Write 225 blog posts (more realistic than last year) – 168.
    • Buy a new suit – I wore a full suit like twice this whole year.
    • Advance my career… by getting a new title Technically happened but not fully satisfied
    • Get LASIK – Best decision I’ve made in my life.
    • Watch the Godfather – Coming to Netflix!
    • Read 5 books – I don’t think I read one.
    • PR in the beer mile – Failed miserably in my only attempt.
    • Run over 2000 miles – 1678.
    • Attempt 100 beers and 100 miles in a week – Next year.
    • Make back all the money I lost in 2016 gambling – An embarrassing and concerning result on the year.

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One thought on “2017 Goals – How’d I do?

  1. Sam, I think I remember you saying somewhere in an old running post you really liked “Running with the Buffaloes” by Chris Lear. He has another book I’m reading now called “Sub 4:00: Alan Webb and the Quest for the Fastest Mile.” It’s rather similar in a way to the first book so if you’re looking for a good read you probably would like this one. I’m enjoying it a lot