How NOT to do Christmas Presents

My family has done a pollyanna for Christmas the last ~6 years or so. This year, it was suggested that we’d “make a list of what gifts you want and others can buy them for you”.

I’ve heard of other families doing this and I think it’s a TERRIBLE idea.

“Totally agree Sam, it’s a bad idea.”

The whole point of presents is to be creative and get someone something they wouldn’t ordinarily get themselves. The pollyanna is nice because I know Tom would get my something completely different than Brookes, for example. Each person puts their own spin on the presents and the element of surprise is exciting.

What is the point of saying “I want this” if it’s going to be the same no matter who gets it for you? Plus, if I really want something throughout the year, I’ll just buy it myself.

Family, I hope you’re reading this.