An Instagram for Melon (and Covy)?

Posted by Sam on November 29, 2017

Multiple people have suggested I create an Instagram account for my new blind cat, Melon (featuring his seeing-eye-cat Covy). Everyone has Instagram accounts for their pets, but because Melon has no eyeballs, and has a seeing-eye-cat, it’s unique.

The Pros

  • The blind cat is amazing social media material. He’s super confident and has a high pain tolerance (he’s run into my metal lamp at full speed and didn’t bat an eyelash (duh, cause he doesn’t have any)).
  • I’ll get thousands (millions? (billions?)) of followers, and one of them is bound to like me enough to date me.
  • I’ll have a recorded history of these cats’ lives to show my future cats.

The Cons

  • It puts pressure on me to post & think of clever stuff. I struggle enough with this blog, do I really want to add another thing?
  • I’ll get called out as a bad person for exploiting my blind cat for profit / to get girls (neither of which are happening yet).
  • When I get famous I’ll inevitably get caught up in some scandal where I’m filmed on the streets of Philly blackout drunk and everyone’s going to be like “Isn’t that the guy with the blind cat?! Pretty irresponsible of you, you cuck!!!”

Right now I’m leaning no, but could be convinced. Thoughts?

How could you not love these guys?

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