#GivingTuesday is Tomorrow – Let’s Donate

Posted by Sam on November 27, 2017

#GivingTuesday is tomorrow!

As an employee of a company who profits off of non-profits processing donations (wat), I try to do my part in making #GivingTuesday as big as possible!

Just the fact that you’re reading this blog means your life is better than like 3 billion people in the world.

There are thousands of causes to donate to; world hunger, homelessness, cancer research, blind cats, etc. and I guarantee you’re passionate about at least one of them. Do some research, pick a charity you like, and give back a little!

I had a good run at the casino two weeks ago, so instead of donating it back to Sugar House, I’ll be donating $200 each to two charities of the readers’ choice!

Please comment, text, email, call, write, whatever, which charities you’d like to nominate, and don’t forget to donate yourself!

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3 thoughts on “#GivingTuesday is Tomorrow – Let’s Donate

  1. Adopting blind animals and now giving money to people, freaking mother Theresa over here amiright?!?