I might adopt this cat

Posted by Sam on November 16, 2017

That little guy is Melon and he has no eyes. You can see more pictures of him here.

I saw he was up for adoption like 6 weeks ago and figured he’d be snatched up quickly. Sadly, he hasn’t.

I wasn’t considering getting another cat, but after seeing that he was still there, I started to feel bad, so I sent in a PAWS application this week and have an appointment to see him Saturday afternoon.

The foster lady even said “Bring a carrier in case you want to take him home on the spot!”. There’s a decent chance I come home with a blind cat on Saturday.

My main question is this – what should I name him?

Playing off the blind thing is a gimme (hence Melon, but I don’t like the name Melon). It’d be a stretch to try to go with blind AND Sixers, but we’ll see.

He’s just like any other cat!

The first time Melon has groomed anyone besides us. ???????????? * * #melon #bones #catbros #bromance #sandpapertongue

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8 thoughts on “I might adopt this cat

  1. Isn’t it weird to rename him? Isn’t life hard enough for him to get adjusted to in a new place? I mean he’s got hearing which he relies on more than the others and you’re going to change the thing he’s comfortable with?

    • Ehh, cat’s aren’t like dogs. They don’t actually care what their name is or respond to it. What would the nickname for “Melon” be? Mels?

      • Haha wut. Why give the thing a name then… In Japanese we say ‘Me-roh-n’ and shorten things to make the short so you could call him “Mellow” pretty much? Ray is pretty #basic

  2. I’d call him Magoo, or Goo for short. I’d say call him Ray, but we all know Ray Charles isn’t blind. #staywoke