280 Characters – Not a big deal

I wrote this post a year ago about conciseness being is a valuable skill in the real world (a top 10% post of mine in my opinion).

Twitter doubled its character-limit for tweets to 280 and people are going nuts. You’d think, given my stance on conciseness, I’d be up in arms about this too. But I’m not.

Twitter is great because it plays on the short attention span.

Newsflash: 280 characters is still pretty fucking short. 

“Waahhhhh 280 is too much!!”

Overall, this change will only improve the Twitter experience in my opinion. It’s not a matter of “You need to edit better!“. You’re just going to see higher quality content in a still-quickly-digestible format.

And don’t forget, the unfollow option is always there.

It will be annoying for the next week as people try to think of clever ways to clog up your feed (sorry Sixers, this one was bad), but it will be a net positive.

— Philadelphia 76ers (@sixers) November 8, 2017