Pre UC Twilight 2017

Tonight is the annual Ursinus Twilight meet where alumni and current athletes race each other in a 3200m.

A month ago I wrote this post about how great running was going. One line stands out:

“My leg is no trouble at all!”

Literally the next day I woke up and my leg hurt on every step. I took 10 days very easy and then have been doing the usual 35 MPW since then.

Last year I ran 9:49 at this meet, and ran I 9:44 a couple months ago. I haven’t raced in ~3 months so it’s hard to really say what kind of shape I’m in. If I was a betting man, I’d put the over under at like 9:54 and I’ll lose to some kids on the team.

The real benefit of the meet is hanging out with the alums. The race is just the appetizer, cause we’re going to ABC and getting HAMMERED after the race which will be fun.