My Eagles Expectations

The Eagles should make the Super Bowl, and I expect them to.

Them going after Ajayi today confirms the front office feels the same way.

The Eagles and Seattle are the two NFC contenders right now. The Eagles are not only a game up, but they’re more balanced as a team.

According to FiveThirtyEight, the Eagles are favored in all but two of their remaining eight games:

  • +1.5 in Dallas. I expect this to change and the Eagles to be favored since Zeke is suspended (for now).
  • +2.5 in Seattle. This could be huge for tie-breaker implications.

Me putting money on the Birds

If the Eagles only win the games they’re favored in, they finish 13-3 which likely clinches home field throughout the playoffs. And if they beat Seattle in Seattle they all but guarantee home field.

They’d be favored at home against every NFC team in round 2 of the playoffs as well as the NFC Championship.

The NFL is a week-to-week league, but barring any other significant injuries, you should expect a Super Bowl appearance.

Jinxes are bullshit. Superstition isn’t real. Nothing is guaranteed for next year. Don’t be scared to get your expectations up.

The time for the Eagles is NOW.

We’ve all been crushed a dozen times before anyway… but this year is different for the Eagles.