My Eagles Expectations

The Eagles should make the Super Bowl, and I expect them to.

Them going after Ajayi today confirms the front office feels the same way.

The Eagles and Seattle are the two NFC contenders right now. The Eagles are not only a game up, but they’re more balanced as a team.

According to FiveThirtyEight, the Eagles are favored in all but two of their remaining eight games:

  • +1.5 in Dallas. I expect this to change and the Eagles to be favored since Zeke is suspended (for now).
  • +2.5 in Seattle. This could be huge for tie-breaker implications.

Me putting money on the Birds

If the Eagles only win the games they’re favored in, they finish 13-3 which likely clinches home field throughout the playoffs. And if they beat Seattle in Seattle they all but guarantee home field.

They’d be favored at home against every NFC team in round 2 of the playoffs as well as the NFC Championship.

The NFL is a week-to-week league, but barring any other significant injuries, you should expect a Super Bowl appearance.

Jinxes are bullshit. Superstition isn’t real. Nothing is guaranteed for next year. Don’t be scared to get your expectations up.

The time for the Eagles is NOW.

We’ve all been crushed a dozen times before anyway… but this year is different for the Eagles.


  1. Bud   •  

    Unfortunately Kramer is losing money there, after being out of the contest. Hopefully it works the opposite with your Eagles money.

  2. Sam   •     Author

    I knew I was at risk to only the most loyal Seinfeld fans with that gif (you can see the file is actually saved as “im out”).

    Maybe instead I should caption it “My bookie paying me for my Super Bowl bet”.

  3. Tom Stortz   •  

    For two weeks, when we’ve put out our NFL Power Ratings, designed from a betting perspective and based on 10,000 game simulations, we’ve had the Pats at the top, followed by Seattle and then, a few spots down, the Philadelphia Eagles. Except now the Eagles have firmly established themselves as the NFL’s top team and Carson Wentz has proven he is its most valuable player, so far. So, I had to ask our crack data team: What gives, fellas? I need to explain to The Action Network masses why the Eagles still aren’t No. 1. Their answer:

    “One of the culprits has been an easy schedule for Philadelphia. Here are the rankings for the teams they have played so far: 23, 4, 24, 18, 26, 13, 23, 31. The one time they played an elite team? That was a loss at Kansas City. That’s not to say the Eagles are bad or overrated or any of that other hot-take BS that spews out of the mouths of the uninformed. The Eagles are a good football team, but they just haven’t shown enough to be favored over the league’s elites at this point.”

  4. Sam   •     Author

    I’m curious about the people you cite, who are these “elites” they’re talking about? Who would the Eagles NOT be favored over on a neutral field? I think the Pats, right now, are the only team they wouldn’t be favored against (they’re only +2.5 IN Seattle).

    Agree their schedule hasn’t been that tough, but Carolina on the road was a legit win and most of the other games since then have been routs.

    Bovada has them as 2nd most likely to win the Super Bowl at +600 (Pats are better at +350). Seattle is the next best NFC team at +1000, for what it’s worth.

  5. Tom Stortz   •  

    Action Network wrote that segment and they are the people who bought Fantasy Labs.

    If I had to guess, I’d say Minnesota has a legit defense that would play the Eagles tight. The Saints are looking legitimate not only on the offensive end with Ingram, Kamara, and Thomas, but their usually laughed at defense is solid. I personally like the Rams a lot with a great D and Gurley on offense. Those are obviously the teams with the current best record but a lot can happen in the 2nd half of the season.

    Agreed that the win in Carolina was impressive but 2 wins against Washington, 1 against the hapless Giants, 1 against the Cardinals who haven’t proven much, and a win against the forever alone Chargers and winless Niners . If they can score on Denver, they will prove their offense legitimate. I think Brock is horrible so as a betting man, I’d say this is a 3 point game at the end. I’d be shocked if Denver scores more than 14. I think Ajayi brings more legitimacy to the run game and when teams start going out of their way to stop Ertz, it’ll come down to Agahlor and Jeffrey stepping up and relying on them to help you win games if they are playing from behind. That has yet to be proven. Adam got the Birds at 22-1 weeks ago, sharp.

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