Three Thoughts on Professional Sporting Events

Dancers / Cheerleaders

This may be the weirdest tradition that still remains in sports (aside from everything in baseball).

“Not sure if I should be horny or…?”

The Sixers Dancers came out last night and did a dance routine. They were all really attractive, dressed in revealing clothing, and did a very sexual dance routine. Ben and I both acknowledged how weird & awkward it is when this happens.

A large percent of people at sporting events are either 50+ or parents with their young kids. Dancers / cheerleaders seem like an idea that was made up in the 60s so old dudes could have some eye candy and its just stuck around because no one stops to wonder why the hell it’s still happening.

I’m not trying to take jobs away from women I swear, but what is the point of having half-naked women dance around while guys play sports? It’s just kind’ve weird.

Booing a player on your team

Last night, Amir Johnson checked in and the crowd booed loudly.

“He averaged 6 points a game last year, WTF did you expect?”

Booing Johnson felt classless. I was embarrassed. He hasn’t played well this season, but he’s only been here a few months, he hasn’t said anything controversial in the media, and probably most importantly, he tries.

Booing players on your own team is a weak move unless they’re not playing hard, or they overtly call out their teammates, coaches, or fans.

Chanting “Refs You Suck!

“Ya you suck too fans!”

I’m a firm believer that fans (especially those at the game) disagree with the refs overwhelmingly when the call goes against their team. This chant happened two or three times last night.

Blaming the refs is a no douglas move. It’s an excuse. There are questionable calls in EVERY game, it’s a part of sports, but insta-chanting “Refs you suck!” as a reaction to an iffy call is again, a classless move and feels embarrassing.