Trading Robert Covington

Rob and I were talking Fantasy Football trades, and I posed the question – “What would I trade Robert Covington for?” or, in simpler terms, “How much cash would I take to give up my cat”

There are two scenarios here.

Scenario 1 – I trade Covy and he is cared for until he dies

“$10,000?! You almost won twice that at the casino!”

It would be tough to part with Covy, but knowing he’s in good hands obviously provides peace of mind and I could always get another cat.

Trading him for money is shallow and it would be a story I’d never be proud to share, but logically speaking, there’s not that much to lose.

My Answer: $10,000

It sounds pathetic, but if the cash were in front of me, it’d be hard not to part with Cov under these circumstances.

Scenario 2 – I trade Covy and he’s executed on the spot

No one would admit to any amount here. “I just couldn’t do it” they’d say. But I’m an honest person, and those people are full of shit.

Watching Covy get executed would be a life altering event. Knowing that I was responsible for his death, and the vision of his murder would last with me for years.

“Don’t ever talk to me again.”

My immediate way of rationalizing it would be donating a significant amount of the money to helping cats. Yes, I may lose Covy, but I could save thousands of cats. That’s what Covy would want.

$1,000,000, for example, is a lot, but it’s not never-work-again-and-do-whatever-you-want status, and that’s the price I’d need to hit here (along with helping other cats).

My Answer: $50,000,000

The net positive impact I’d make on the world by having $50,000,000 would be far greater than my current life projection.

And despite people saying “money can’t buy happiness”, I think I personally would be happier.

Am I a bad person?