Brief Running Update

Just a little update since I’m riding high at the moment!


After 5 weeks of 35 miles to just get back into it, I’ve done 47 and 57 mile weeks the past two weeks.

I haven’t run 57+ miles in a week in 84 weeks.


Tuesday – 4 x 1600 w/ 1:00 rest then 4 x 200

5:38, 5:38, 5:28, 5:24, then 33, 34, 33, 33

Pretty slow actually but it felt very easy!

Friday – 4 x 1200 w/ 3:00 rest

3:51, 3:50, 3:47, 3:46

Again, nothing crazy, but felt great!

Sunday – 11 mile long run

Averaged 6:35s starting at 7:00 and closing in around 6:20s, again feeling great.


My leg is no trouble at all! I’m prioritizing stretching more than ever before which I really think is helping and have been doing core consistently (!).


The Ursinus Twilight 3200m is in 3.5 weeks and I’m hoping to run faster than the 9:44 I ran a few months ago. It’s going to be better competition this year since James and Joe just ran 26:06 and 26:48 respectively at Paul Short. This will be a fun one!

Other than that, I’ll need to find some races to run. I’d guess I’m in ~15:45-16:00 5k shape right now and hope to be in PR shape in a month.