Cam’s ‘Female’ Comment

Cam Newton is getting a lot of attention for the comment below:

After reading the Youtube comments and some of the feedback, most people are defending Cam, which surprised me.

I said to Rob that football is the only sport that girls never play growing up, so it makes sense that they’d be less likely to have knowledge of the sport (though the overall tone he had was still very dick-ish).

But then I thought about the number of male sports writers, analysts, talk show hosts, etc. that never played football at any meaningful level. Cam wouldn’t think twice if they asked him a question, and they’d have had the same opportunities to learn about football as this female reporter.

So yes, assuming that a female reporter wouldn’t understand ‘routes‘ is an example of sexism.

Is it the end of the world? No.

Is it the end of Cam Newton? No.

Do I think Cam Newton disrespects all women? No.

Are professional sports stars and sports fans mostly male? Yes.

Do I think athletes should be able to say how they really feel without worry about the backlash all the time? Yes.

But this comment was just stupid.