Thoughts on the National Anthem Protests

My thoughts on protesting the National Anthem in general

People interpret the National Anthem differently.

Personally, I have no problem with the players who choose to kneel. More importantly, I think its inappropriate to suggest that you HAVE to stand or HAVE to kneel.

HOWEVER, I don’t see the goal its trying to accomplish. I understand and support the ideas they’re against (police brutality, racial injustice, etc.), but I don’t understand how kneeling during the anthem comes any closer to solving them.

Some say it might “start the conversation“, but the main conversation it’s started is strictly about what the Anthem means and whether or not it’s okay to kneel. There’s very little centered on what they’re kneeling for (from what I can see).

At what point will they stop kneeling? Is there a some measure of okayness when these players will deem the anthem a stand-able occasion again?

Everyone says that Colin Kaepernick has done a ton outside of kneeling – I commend him for that and would guess that’s been infinitely more valuable towards solving these issues and helping people than his kneeling.

My thoughts about Colin Kaepernick specifically

I support Colin Kaepernick’s right to protest how he sees fit and as I said, I applaud his off the field endeavors.

But Colin Kaepernick doesn’t have a job, and I don’t think it has anything to do with him being black.

Kaepernick had a job. He opted OUT of a contract with the 49ers so he could test free agency.

As an NFL team, signing Kaepernick is a decision of pros and cons.

The Cons 

  • The media will be covering Kaepernick and the team that signs him like crazy, likely becoming a significant ‘distraction‘.
  • You may also lose business, whether right or wrong, by bringing him to your team based on the % of your fan-base that strongly disagrees with the protests.
  • Colin Kaepernick just isn’t that good. He’s a high-level backup / potential low-level starting quarterback who fits a specific offensive system that most teams aren’t running.

The Pros

  • There’s another segment of new fans that you’d likely draw in by signing him. You’d be seen as the
  • You add a player who has major NFL experience in a quarterback-starved league.

I don’t believe the Kaepernick issue to be one of race. If he were as good as Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, etc. he’d have 100% a job.

Is it right? Is it fair? Not really, but that’s a different discussion.

My thoughts on Trump’s comments

I like Trump solely for entertainment purposes, but haven’t really been a fan of him as a President.

Specific to his comments on athletes and NFL protests, I disagree with him completely, though I sort of understand that he’s playing to his standard group of his supporters.

As the president of an extremely divided country at the moment, his comments only serve to further the divide. There’s no attempt by him (at least publicly) to understand WHY people are protesting or to use the opportunity to bring the country closer together.

Withdrawing Steph Curry’s invitation was so immature and petty that I almost didn’t believe it (though I did lol when I read it).

Every president is different, and Trump’s way clearly got him elected, but I think he’s doing enough over time to piss off almost everyone one way or another.

I look forward to what Joel Embiid will say to Trump when the Sixers win the Championship this year.