EmBEERassing Mile

Abud, Rob, and I took the track yesterday for a mile race, though mine would be a beer mile.

Abud is joining the coast guard and needs to run a 12:51 1.5 mile, so he was eager to test his fitness on the track, I’ve been talking about doing a beer mile for months, and Rob, who has a long history of heart problems, had no real reason to race.

“Youra loser, Sam”.

Right off the bat I drank about half of beer, winced in pain for 45 seconds, then finished the beer. Three beers, three pukes, and four laps later, I finished in last place.

Abud blew away the field with an 8:10. Rob, who almost DNF’d with 120 meters left, held off my late charge with an 11:20-something and I was 10-15 seconds behind.

I swear I can run faster than an 11:30 beer mile. I was too hungover from the previous night but didn’t want to bail. It was an embarrassing attempt on my part.

This may not be my last attempt of the year. Until next time…