Posted by Sam on June 10, 2010

Tom, Jeff, my dad, and I all went to New York City yesterday for a tour of wall street and then to just walk around and check it out. We left the house at 7:15 for a tour of wall street at 10:00 am. We pull into the parking garage at 10:05 and have a 5 minute walk to get there. For 10 minutes we’re looking around to find this tour group and no luck. Tom calls the number on the ticket and thank the lord they get the tour to come back for us. The tour was actually really interesting and I’ve never really taken a big interest in the stock market or the history of it but this guy had me pretty interested so, I don’t know if that means another finance major for the Stortz family or what. After the tour we ate a New York deli which was a different experience. The guy is pretty much rapid fire just saying next, next. There’s not really a line you just kind of go up when you know what you want and then he calls everything out and you walk up and grab your things. After that we went to time square to walk around and go to ESPNZone which was actually really cool. Just a lot of huge tv’s and a big arcade room and all this cool stuff. After that we were on our way. We made it home at about 5:30 so we were in the city from 9:30 to 3:45, a little over 6 hours. The idea I got from it was pretty much what I expected. It’s a huge city, people are everywhere, everything’s really expensive, and no matter what there’s someone more important, better at what you do, and more successful than you are. I guess I see what’s appealing about the city but I personally wouldn’t really want to live there.

The Flyer’s lost in dramatic fashion. It was a fun ride while it lasted but people were calling Chicago from the beginning so I’m  not that surprised/upset. That’s what’s great about being a bandwagon fan, losing isn’t that big a deal. I know that’s a bad way to look at it and hockey is literally the only sport I do that with, but yeah you get the idea.

Before I wrap things up I want to point out one thing. If someone says, “and make sure you do this!” can you reply with “I’ll.”? It seems like no one would ever say that ever but doesn’t it make sense? Contractions just get people in trouble. I’m going to start saying that whenever I can and see how people react. I can’t see anything good coming from it other than people will think I’m stupid. This kind of goes along with the other experiment I wanted to try, going into every class one day with my fly unzipped and see who actually tells me to zipper it up, who looks and laughs, and who just ignores it. The only reason I haven’t tried this one yet is because afterward, when I say “hah yeah I did it on purpose!” people wouldn’t believe me and I’d just look stupid.

2 more days till the weekend, then another week until Avalon which should be pretty awesome this year actually. Last year was immediately after senior week so I was totally burned out and the weather was literally bad for 2 weeks straight. This year should be a whole different story.

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