My Top 10 Running Crushes

Posted by Sam on August 6, 2017

10. Emma Coburn

Most would have Emma higher on the list. She’s a natural beauty and a great runner, but not quite my type.

9. Genevieve Lacaze

Her social media is over the top and she’s not actually that good BUT she’s a babe.

8. Molly Huddle

A very girl-next-door-y look. Super sweet AND insanely fast.

7. Emily Sisson

Like Huddle, a girl-next-door-y look but younger.

6. Lisa Uhl

Doesn’t REALLY count because she doesn’t run anymore but always has a special place in my heart. A better looking Dee from Always Sunny.

5. Cory Mcgee

A true Southern Belle. This picture makes me think she should be ranked higher…

4. Tori Bowie

This may be recency bias since she just won the 100m in the World Champs today, but I’m a HUGE fan.

3. Laura Roesler

Just a total babe. Don’t know how else to say it.

2. Joanna Jóźwik

I follow her on Instagram. I don’t speak Polish but it SEEMS like her personality is as quality as her looks.


1. Emily Infeld

Just the perfect girl. Fast, pretty, bubbly, and fun. She’s not like Jozwik in terms of true beauty, but her personality is amazing. This is the best interview Flotrack has ever done. Follow her on Instagram for her stories and you’ll see why I love her.

Fun AND Sexy


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