Allen Iverson Losing Ground

Posted by Sam on August 3, 2017

Allen Iverson is one of Philly’s ‘untouchables‘. He’s loved in every corner of the city.

On the court he was a superstar and off the court he was a cultural icon. The swag, the cornrows, the 6’0, and obviously the Jordan crossover. Kids growing up in the late ’90s and early ’00s wanted to be Iverson.

I loved Allen Iverson. He’s why basketball is my favorite sport. He was a flawed superstar, but he was OUR flawed superstar. In fact, we embraced him because of his flaws.

But at what point do we, the fans of Philadelphia, start to hold Allen accountable?

His no-show at Sunday’s Big 3 game in Dallas (which he’s been suspended for) is just the most recent example of poor behavior. He had no excuse, just that he’s sorry. He has a long list of worse behavior over the years.

When does he go from the greatest thing that ever happened to us and can do no wrong, to us acknowledging his greatness, but not giving him a pass for all the shitty things he does? When do his bad acts begin to overshadow his play?

Pete Rose has been all over the news this week. Once a Philly great (sorta), Pete is now hated by Philly fans (that’s another discussion).

Allen Iverson has done nothing close to what Rose has, but it does show that falls from grace happen. He’s is still clinging to his untouchable status, but I fear that may change not too far down the road.

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