2017 Goals Update

Posted by Sam on August 8, 2017

With about 60% of 2017 gone by, it’s time to check how I’m doing with my yearly goals.

  • PR in the mile AND 5k – 1 / 2 with a chance for the 5k.
  • Visit three major-ish US cities that I’ve never been to – Not on pace.
  • Go to a country I’ve never been to – No and no plans to…
  • Move out of my parents house – Easily!
  • Get a cat once I move out – Next year’s goal will be for him not to die.
  • Bowl a 300 (before Tom) – TBD
  • Attend a play – Still a chance
  • Write 6 hand-written letters and mail them – I’m at 2.
  • Write a 5 year letter to myself – Not sure I even want to do this.
  • Go to a dentist – On pace to make it two years straight without going
  • Formally volunteer my time at least once – I plan on doing this.
  • Invest 25% of my money
  • Don’t significantly injury myself while blacked out – So far so good!
  • Don’t get in a fist fight with anyone (considering making it the opposite) – No close calls yet.
  • Watch Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons play together live – This is a GUARANTEE
  • Watch three Sixers’ wins live.
  • Get Molly Sullivan’s number – Plenty of time left for next season.
  • Watch Tom Brady win MVP and / or the Super Bowl this year – Was there ever any doubt?
  • Watch an American win gold in a distance event at the WCs – WTF Jager. Fingers crossed for Chelimo!
  • Watch an American Record in a distance event – Ajee Wilson!
  • Write 225 blog posts (more realistic than last year) – Been slacking this year
  • Buy a new suit – Going to put this off until next year
  • Advance my career… by getting a new title Technically happened but not fully satisfied
  • Get LASIK.
  • Watch the Godfather – Like 99% this doesn’t happen.
  • Read 5 books – I’ve read one chapter of one book all year, would need a heroic effort to get this one.
  • PR in the beer mile – Going to attempt this weekend most likely
  • Run over 2000 miles – Possibly!
  • Attempt 100 beers and 100 miles in a week – Hoping to at least try.
  • Make back all the money I lost in 2016 gambling – My biggest personal problem of 2017.

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One thought on “2017 Goals Update

  1. The dentist is bad. You technically haven’t watched Embiid and Simmons play yet. Pre-season hasn’t even started and Embiid can possibly get a season ending splinter from sitting on the bench.