I’ll be Traveling to See the Solar Eclipse. You Should Too.

On Monday, August 21, 2017, around 1:15 PM ET, the moon will pass between the sun and the earth. Depending on where you are, the darkness will last from a few seconds to about two minutes.

It is my goal to be somewhere where the darkness lasts for two minutes.

I’m undecided on:

  • Who will be joining me. Open invite! Gourlay is not joining.
  • Which city to watch from. The major cities nearby are Atlanta (kinda), Nashville, St. Louis, Omaha, and Salem, with plenty of smaller cities along the path of total eclipse.
  • How we’re going to get to our destination. Either flight or ROAD TRIP!

Why you should go

Here’s a quote from this FiveThirtyEight article by a guy who’s seen over 30 total eclipses:

There is something primal about being outside when, over a period of less than an hour, it gets dark, the light gets very eerie, the colors change. You know that something strange is going on. Then, abruptly, it gets 10,000 times darker in the last minute. You look in the sky, and there’s this strange stuff going on. There’s a diamond ring surrounding this dark hole in the sky. Everybody who sees it is overwhelmed.

Another quote from a different guy, same article:

It is just overwhelmingly majestic. You can see photographs, you can see videos, and they help give you a little bit of an inkling of what it’s like. But when they see totality, so many people go, ‘Oh my god, I didn’t realize it was gonna be like this.’

You should go to see the eclipse. I’m going to see the eclipse.