Coming Up Short 3200m Later

Posted by Sam on July 31, 2017

The conditions were nearly perfect. I hit the mile in 4:52, slower than I hoped, but I still felt good and thought I’d negative split.

Laps 5-6-7 all felt like I was surging but each lap split kept being in the 74 range. I closed well with a ~69 or so but ultimately fell short of my goal running a 9:44.  Congrats to Simoncini for winning the guessing game!

I’m disappointed. In college and high school, you’re racing every week so when you have a bad race, you can rebound quickly.

Now, if I have a bad race it lingers and makes me question if I’m still in good shape or if I’m past my peak already for this cycle.

I’m going to chalk this up as a slightly below average performance and rationalize that I’m still in ~4:27 / 9:35 / 15:25 shape.

There’s a competitive mile race next Thursday where I’m hoping to be towed to a sub 4:30.

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