8 Years Later, I’ve PR’d in the Mile

Posted by Sam on July 11, 2017

The Race

It was like 85 and sunny which wasn’t ideal. I knew there’d be a few in the 4:30s but didn’t want to wait if it went out slow.

Lap 1

I was in lane 1 and in the lead around the first turn but had company. Good. I was taking hand splits like a noob but had no other option. We hit 409 in 68.5. Not too bad.

Lap 2

I pushed cause I thought the pace was too slow, and it was. My mouth was also completely dry at this point. We hit 809 in 2:17.3 (68.8). A little slow, but still okay.

Lap 3

I started gapping the field a little on the third lap which was ultimately bad because we all slowed too much. We hit 1209 in 3:26.5 (69.2). Shit, this PR might not happen.

Lap 4

I knew I had something left and started going right at 400. With 200 left I had company, and could feel the guy right behind me. We kicked it in hard and finished in 4:30.90 to 4:30.99 (64.4). He says he didn’t let me win but I actually think he did and that he felt bad that I led the whole thing.


I’m absolutely pumped. First REAL PR in 5 years. Experience / racing this a few times also made a huge difference.

If it was 65 degrees, overcast, and we had a pack going through in ~2:14, I genuinely think I could run close to 4:25.

“Nice race, Sam.”

I also think this has implications on my 5k potential now. I’m running more mileage than last year and am ~5-10 seconds faster in the mile. If I ran 15:44 last year, I really think I could go (well?) under 15:30. I just need a race to do it in.

Consistency pays is all I can say. I’m not doing anything drastically different other than a bit more mileage and getting to the track on a regular basis.

Hopefully there’s more to come here.

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3 thoughts on “8 Years Later, I’ve PR’d in the Mile

  1. Nice work! That’s moving. Are you still using that plan that you won for training?

    • Not exactly, though I have taken some of the workouts / workout ideas and incorporated them into my training.

      Pretty much every week for me is the following (though I’m not actually this structured like I was when I was on the plan):

      M: Off (bowling league!)

      T: Tempo or long intervals with short rest (i.e. 4 x 1600 or 6 x 1000 with 60-90s rest @ 10k pace. Usually do 4-6 x 200 with 200m jog @ mile pace afterward)

      W: 5 – 8 anywhere between 6:30 and 7:30

      T: 5 – 8 anywhere between 6:30 and 7:30

      F: Shorter intervals with short rest (i.e. 8 x 400 with 60s rest @ just slower than mile pace then 4 x 200 with 45s rest @ just faster than mile pace)

      S: Usually a double for a total of ~8-12 miles

      S: Long run of 8-12, usually starting at 7:00s, 6:30s in the middle, and 6:00s near the end

      Usually 40-50 miles.

      • Good stuff. Obviously it is working well for you. I like the mix of long intervals earlier in the week and then shorter ones later on.