Last Chance Training – Update 5

Posted by Sam on May 30, 2017

The Last Two Weeks

Since Swarthmore I’m on my own schedule doing my own workouts.

I hit ~50 miles for both of the last two weeks and have had some encouraging results the last week especially.

4 mile tempo

5:46, 5:45, 5:38, 5:35 feeling pretty relaxed the whole time. I didn’t look at my watch expect for mile splits, as I’m trying to “feel” tempo pace as opposed to hitting a prescribed pace. This was good.

6 x 400 with 400 jog followed by 4 x 200 with 200 jog.

Averaged 69.1 and 33.0. This was basically all out and I can’t remember the last time I did a speed workout that fast.

This workout isn’t actually that impressive, but I’m not a speed guy, and I want to stay in touch with mile pace as I think my 4:33 PR is attainable, so I was pretty happy with this.

My last three runs

I did the 4s & 2s on Friday, then felt great on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

I did 7 in 48:00 closing hard, 7 in 46:15 closing harder, then 8 yesterday in 52:30 closing in 12:00 for the last two miles feeling fantastic.

It’s unusual that I have this many days in a row feeling fresh. I’m either in great shape or going to feel horrible today.

Upcoming Races

Ursinus has an open meet on Friday, June 9 where I’m going to do the 5k in hopes for a fast time. If I was in 15:50 shape two weeks ago, I have to think that in another two weeks I’ll be in sub 15:40 shape (and actually closer to 15:30?).

Then, GA is hosting a few meets open to the public. I plan on doing the mile on Tuesday, June 13 and probably the 5k on June 27. I’m also doing the Tex Mex 5k on Wednesday, June 21.

It’s racing season. I’m in shape to race. This is the best time of year.

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