Is it weird that I like Tool?

Posted by Sam on May 23, 2017

For the last two weeks I’ve been listening to almost exclusively the band Tool.

Tool goes back to the early 90s and I’ve known about them prior to this, but heard one of their songs on the radio recently and decided to go into them more.

They have a cult following and typically play long hard-rock songs in weird time signatures with really deep meaning and lyrics. They also have these wild music videos (see below).

Some people think they’re awful but I think they’re awesome. Here are some of their songs I like (don’t make fun).

This is Sober and it’s about heroin addiction. This was their first music video which got a ton of attention.

This is 46 & 2, my current favorite. The song is about adding two chromosomes to the human DNA. I can’t explain it well but click here if you’re interested.

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One thought on “Is it weird that I like Tool?

  1. I think it’s weird that the capitalization in the title is all lowercase, that when you don’t add a picture to the post the Twitter feed puts up the unavailable picture symbol, and that you still have made 0 effort to fix the post not updating because of the cache (unless I’m mistaken).

    But do I think it’s weird that you like Tool? No, you can like whatever you want to like.