Bed Frame for the Sheep

After four straight years of not sleeping with a bed frame, I caved and bought a bed frame.

The higher the frame, the more of a sheeple.

People can only laugh at your mattress on the floor so many times before you break, even I’m not immune it.

But I stand by my statement, that bed frames make no sense. Does anyone stop and ask themselves WHY they have a bed frame? What is the benefit of sleeping three feet off the ground? I don’t get it.

The only one that comes to mind is storage, but my room has nothing in it as is. Maybe less spiders will crawl on me? I actually like spiders.

Forget spiders, here’s to being one of the sheep!

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  1. Sam   •  

    You’re clearly a bed frame amateur. That’s the tallest one I’ve ever seen. You’ll have to pole vault into bed. At least the monsters who move under there will have lots of room.

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