NFL 2017 – 2018 Season Team Win Total Over / Unders – My Picks

Posted by Sam on May 3, 2017

Instead of going team by team, I’m going to give you my EXPERT picks on which of these you can make some money on. Full list from ESPN Below.

Patriots – 11 – Over

7 straight seasons of 12 or more wins. Not sure why anyone doubts Bill and Tom at this point.

Cowboys – 9.5 – Over

They won’t win 13 again, but Dallas controls football games with their O-line and run game, which is why they’re so good in close games, and why they’ll win at least 10 this year.

Raiders – 9.5 – Over

Derek Carr will be top 3 in MVP voting. Amari Cooper will be a top 5 fantasy receiver. Marshawn will win comeback player of the year. I may have to predict them for the AFC Championship game again this year.

Panthers – 9 – Under

I just don’t think Cam Newton cares about football.

Colts – 9 – Under

This division is better than you think and other than Luck, there’s not much scaring me here.

Buccaneers – 8 – Over

Jameis is a year older, O.J. Howard is a stud, and that offense is going to put up some serious points. The Bucs might take over the Falcons to win that division. They went 9-7 last season, how do they get worse?

Chargers – 7.5 – Under

Rivers is a year older. They won 5 games last year. That L.A. Stadium is a joke (home field will suck). That division is good.

Jets – 5.5 Under

No quarterback, no problem! Except it is a problem. A huge problem. The Jets will be the worst team in the league.

Patriots – 11
Steelers – 10.5
Seahawks – 10.5
Falcons – 10
Packers – 10
Cowboys – 9.5
Raiders – 9.5
Titans – 9.5
Ravens – 9.5
Chiefs – 9
Panthers – 9
Giants – 9
Colts – 9
Bengals – 8.5
Broncos – 8.5
Texas – 8.5
Eagles – 8.5
Vikings – 8.5
Saints – 8.5
Buccaneers – 8
Lions – 8
Redskins – 7.5
Cardinals – 7.5
Chargers – 7.5
Dolphins – 7.5
Bills – 6
Jaguars – 5.5
Jets – 5.5
Rams – 5.5
Bears – 5
49ers – 4.5
Browns – 4

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3 thoughts on “NFL 2017 – 2018 Season Team Win Total Over / Unders – My Picks

  1. 9.5 seems way too low for the Cowboys, given 13 wins last year and a QB who won’t be a rookie anymore. I think they also did that last year with Dez missing several games (although I can’t remember for sure). Things just don’t seem to be pointing downward for that team. I would expect 90% of the bets to go over, which would make my pick under.

    • You know how I think, and this was the only one that stuck out as totally under-selling (or over-selling) a team, so I actually think you might be right. But despite my “Vegas always knows” logic, I’m going with my thoughts instead of their’s.

  2. The Cowboys won’t win 7 games. Zeke will tear his ACL. Dak will be in a sophomore slump. Like twelve other Dallas players will be suspended for a slew of charges ranging from battery and sexual assault to violating the NFL’s substance-abuse policy. Jerry Jones has to be closing in on a heart attack. The Eagles will most likely go undefeated and play the Pats in the Super Bowl.