Schlegel’s Bagels

Posted by Sam on January 23, 2017

Luke Schlegel started a blog.

For my readers who don’t know Luke – he’s a senior on the Ursinus XC / TF team. If you do your math, you’ll see him and I never went to school together.

Regardless, he started a blog that looks better than mine. He’s a better writer than I am and his second post about meditation is more in depth than anything I’ve ever written aside from the diamonds post and the Caster Semenya post.

Luke said the only blog he’s ever read more than once is this one you’re reading right now. Not only that, but he found himself browsing it for “an hour” and was “really impressed” by it.

Luke’s too nice to openly admit that my blog sucks, but the fact that this blog semi-inspired at least one person to start their own blog validates the 1,648 posts I’ve written.

It’s also shocking to find out who reads this thing. I would never have guessed that Luke or any current student at Ursinus (spare Simoncini) reads this, but I have evidence of more than one!

The internet is awesome.

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One thought on “Schlegel’s Bagels

  1. He still writes like he’s in class, which he probably is. Less words and more impact would be my advice after a first reading. People like pictures. I imagine he’ll read this. Fix that link as well. Blogging losers notice.