How Grade School Papers / Presentations SHOULD Be Done

Whenever a paper or presentation was assigned in grade school, there was only one question in the mind of the students – How long does it have to be?

“3 pages? Easy-peasy. 5 pages? Okay, we’re starting to get long. 8+ pages? Shit. I can’t do this the night before.”

“4 minutes? Good, the first minute is an intro anyway. 10 minutes?? Can anyone talk that long?!”

This is ass-backwards.

If your teacher was Mr. Stortz, you’d have ceilings, not floors, and they would be unreasonably small.

“In 1.5 pages, explain why the Beatles are the best band ever.”

Thousand-page books have been written on this topic.

The point of this is being able to boil down your point to it’s most fundamental beginnings, and presenting them in clear and concise ways. THAT is a valuable skill in the real world that so many people lack.

Wasted time is one of the biggest losses businesses have. No one WANTS to read long emails or sit through long presentations. Condensed information is a good thing.

conciseYet from a young age, we’re conditioned to think quantity over quality. I understand some reasons why there are page minimums. Some kids will write a shitty paper, but by adding a minimum, they spend a little extra time, put some extra thought into it, a light bulb goes off, whatever.

I think drilling in the idea of conciseness and efficiency is way more beneficial than page minimums. The typical “I hit the minimum, I’m done” thought process wouldn’t exist. All students would hit the maximum and be like Shit, I still have some things to say. Let me go back and take out the things that aren’t as important, or tighten up some of what I already have.

Plus teachers would have less to grade!

That is how people should think. Efficiency is king.