Back to Back Races

Twilight 3200m


I ran five miles in the preceding 5 days because I didn’t feel well. I had pressure in my head and gunk in my lungs. I took some Ibuprofen, chugged a ton of water, and just tried to set myself up as best I could. Five minutes before the race I thought I’d be fine.

The Race

I had more company than expected since the freshman class at UC is actually good. Joe was out fast while the freshmen and I trailed behind a bit. I was feeling fine but not great. There were a few times in the first mile that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to hang.

We hit the mile in 4:58 with Joe about 6 seconds ahead. If I was going to catch him I had to start going now. Slowly and slowly closing the gap until 400m to go and I was about 5 meters behind. With 100 left I pulled up on his shoulder and it was a sprint to the end which I won with him right behind –  9:49.2 to 9:49.6.

My splits were – 74, 2:30 (75), 3:42 (72), 4:58 (76), 6:11 (73), 7:25 (74), 8:40 (75), 9:49.2 (69).

Post-Race Thoughts

I was hoping for sub 9:50 and the win which is exactly what happened. I think I felt about 90-95% given the sickness but it certainly didn’t make that big of a difference. Joe made it hard and it came down to the last 100 meters.

Props to the UC freshman, with 2 under 10:00 and one at 10:01. We have a chance to be not-second-to-last in the conference next year during XC! Also props to Jamie and Rudy for showing up as the only other two Alumni.

Purple Stride 5k

After a few post-race beers at the Trappe and getting home at 12:30, I was up at 6:30 this morning to run the Purple Stride 5k.

The race started and two bros and myself were running together. After a mile, Bro 1 fell off and it was just me and Bro 2. After 2 miles I stepped on the gas and won in 16:53 feeling average. Doing a race 12 hours after an all out effort isn’t easy but it went as well as I could have expected.


I’m in about the shape I thought I was in. Rothman 8k is in two weeks. Last year I ran 10:13 at the Twilight 3200m then 26:49 at Rothman. I’m hoping for a low 26 clocking which would leave me pretty happy. Not much between now and then.